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What is WIPFW?

WIPFW is a MS Windows operable version of IPFW for FreeBSD OS. You can use the same functionality and configure it as only you work with IPFW.

IPFW is a packet filtering and accounting system which resides in the kernelmode, and has a user-land control utility, ipfw. Together, they allow you to define and query the rules used by the kernel in its routing decisions.

There are two related parts to ipfw. The firewall section performs packet filtering. There is also an IP accounting section which tracks usage of the router, based on rules similar to those used in the firewall section. This allows the administrator to monitor how much traffic the router is getting from a certain machine, or how much WWW traffic it is forwarding, for example.

As a result of the way that ipfw is designed, you can use ipfw on non-router machines to perform packet filtering on incoming and outgoing connections. This is a special case of the more general use of ipfw, and the same commands and techniques should be used in this situation.

Latest News

Experimental v0.5.5-beta release (2011-08-16)

Download it at Sourceforge.NET

WIPFW v0.2.8 released (2006-12-12)

Download it at Sourceforge.NET

WIPFW v0.2.6 released (2005-11-16)

Download it at Sourceforge.NET

Documentation updated.

WIPFW now has a new website (2005-07-13)

We now have valid XHTML 1.0 documents (Johannes Lichtenberger).

WIPFW v0.2.4-beta released (2005-05-03)

Download it at Sourceforge.NET